Indoor Navigation

BUZZ wayfinding technology navigates users from the outside, whether on foot, public or private transportation to the desired location within a building. Using real-time data improves the user’s path, making it clearer and more efficient. These benefits help to increase and control the flow within institutions, based on information communicated to customers of shopping centers, travelers within airports, patients/visitors of hospitals.


Wayfinding System

This service includes steps such as guidance, route selection, route tracking and destination recognition. These add-ons provide safe and informed navigation way.



Perfect integration with different types of systems. In this way, we create solutions that meet specific requirements and needs.

Data Analytics

We help owners of large complex environments to transform their data into valuable insights, to drive their business.
Using our user analytics, they can plan and optimise their spaces for a faster, quicker, safer experience.



Understanding user behaviour is the best way to get to find out how a particular space is used and what areas are of more interest.



We work closely with all our customers to help them understand this specific data and we provide them with on-going support.

Location-Based Marketing

This is a valuable tool for both small and large businesses. Using our beacon technology, a retailer cand send a targeted message to someone walking by their store. We allow for a more strategic approach, getting in front of the right people at the right time.


Contextual Notifications

Powerful marketing tool, driving sales uplift for brick-and-mortar retailers. By sending offers in-real time they can engage new clients and increase brand loyalty.


Personalised User Experience

More and more users are enjoying personalised content and receiving offers whilst they shop. With the use of proximity marketing, retailers can create strategic in-store experiences and engage with shoppers directly.

Learn in 3 Minutes What We Do

Outdoor navigation is available everywhere,but that stops once you move inside a building. Being able to determine your position and navigate whilst located inside is becoming increasingly important to both owners and users of complex environments across multiple industries.