The current COVID-19 pandemic has created new and unforeseeable challenges. Today’s pandemic response can be different in part due to advances in digital technology. Now, during the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, some experts are turning to Bluetooth technologies to take over the contact tracing process entirely. At BuzzStreets, we recognise that while scale contact tracing is a must have for reopening venues/businesses, indoor navigation systems have other merits in the same contexts on a more granular scale.

To prevent a COVID-19 relapse, social distancing is probably a thing we will have to live with for quite some time. This means that venues need to figure out how to meet the new regulations now, if they want to be ready for when people are allowed back. BuzzStreets is developing solutions for large and complex venues, that can help users and enterprises ensure the recommended distance between visitors and staff. Consider an indoor navigation system in a shopping mall where visitors and employees carry a smart phone with BuzzStreets enabled navigation app – several benefits can be identified:

  • Independent visitors – BuzzStreets app gives autonomy to the visitors to circulate in the shopping mall without requesting for directions. Minimising the close contact with others, we can reduce the likelihood of becoming infected and spreading the virus in our community.
  • Heat maps – providing real-time information about the number of people in a particular place, to avoid crowded areas and the risk of contagion. Venues can control the flow and movement of people inside.
  • Specific routes for different type of visitors.
  • Indoor analytics reports can be leveraged to create visibility.
  • Contextual notifications to communicate information about the preventive measures. Signage and other physical navigation clues are inflexible and expensive to be implemented.

Technology cannot stop the spread of the pandemic, but it can educate, warn and empower those on the ground and those that need to be aware of the situation to significantly reduce the impact. Indoor navigation systems can play a critical role in controlling this -pandemic—and future outbreaks.

Reach out through  if you want to prepare your facilities for the new regulations and welcome your employees, visitors and clients back in a safe environment.