Visitors, clients and staff of the CUF Tejo Hospital can use Buzzstreet’s navigation system to guide themselves within the new hospital.

As part of the Grow program, Buzzstreet established a partnership with the CUF group and developed a navigation system for the new CUF Tejo Hospital, in Lisbon.

CUF Tejo Hospital is the most recent hospital of the CUF group and with this hospital, CUF intends to invest in innovation, supported by a modern and highly differentiated physical and technological infrastructure. The new unit has more than 75,000 m2 of gross building area, spread over six floors above ground and four floors down, including three floors with 800 parking spaces.

“With the opening of the new CUF Tejo Hospital, and given its size, it became essential to introduce an indoor navigation solution that would facilitate the mobility inside the hospital and that would allow our staff members and clients to navigate independently. It was with this purpose that CUF Tejo Navegador was developed, in partnership with Buzzstreets” – Marta Bento Amorim, Head of Strategic Planning and Innovation at CUF

At CUF Tejo Hospital you can quickly and easily find all the health services you are looking for.

CUF Tejo Navegador is an app that allows the user to easily find all health services at CUF Tejo Hospital. Within the app, it is possible to view and explore the interior and surroundings of the Hospital, as well as obtain the appropriate directions in just a few seconds.

Although GPS is a good navigation tool outdoors, its accuracy is almost zero indoors. For this reason, the CUF Tejo Navegador App was developed, using latest indoor positioning technologies and being a suitable extension for outdoor maps, such as “Maps” or “Google Maps”.

CUF Tejo Navegador has an exclusive search engine that lets the user easily locate any health service, parking, reception, stairs or lifts available. It is also possible to check the list of doctors at CUF Tejo Hospital, by name, specialty, or doctor’s photo. By clicking on the desired point of destination or the doctor’s specialty, the app calculates the best route in terms of time and distance, minimising the time spent looking for a health service / doctor’s office.

Within the CUF Tejo Navegador app there is a special path for staff and another path for clients. By default, the application opens the client’s maps first. To access stuff maps and paths, authentication process is required – introducing the username and password. This way, it is possible to control who should have access to where – visitors/clients don’t require access to the same parts of the hospital as doctors and nurses do.

See the CUF Tejo Navegador app in action by clicking on this link.

Install the free CUF Tejo Navegador app:

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“ We believe that CUF Tejo Navegador will be a very useful tool, allowing the users to quickly and easily find all the services at CUF Tejo Hospital ” – Marta Bento Amorim, Head of Strategic Planning and Innovation at CUF

Benefits of CUF Tejo Navegador app:

  • Improve the overall clients, visitors and staff members experience at CUF Tejo Hospital
  • Access control – visitors and clients don’t have access to the same parts of the hospital as staff members
  • Reduce interruptions of hospital staff being asked for directions
  • Clients, visitors and staff is always be offered the most optimal route to their location.
  • Integration of traditional hospital wayfinding signage with a hospital wayfinding app
  • The user can navigate seamlessly from outside the hospital and all the way into a specific hospital ward

The main Buzzstreet’s goal in the near future, is the implementation of indoor navigation system in other hospitals belonging to the CUF group, such as CUF Descobertas Hospital, CUF Cascais Hospital, CUF Porto Hospital, etc.

We believe that integrated into MyCUF app, our navigation system will be an asset to the feature set and personalised information about the user’s activity at CUF hospitals and clinics that MyCUF integrates.

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