In the span of a few weeks, the coronavirus pandemic had changed everything. In 2020, we all had to grow accustomed to a new “normal”. Now, in 2021, it’s time to implement the changes we’ve been preparing for. It’s essential for venues to reassure clients that your venue is safe and secure, and that’s largely down to effectively communicating the steps that have been taken to allow it to adhere to government guidelines.

In this blog, we will show you how an indoor navigation platform can help venues across industries adapt to the new normal and offer staff, visitors, and customers a safe return to their facilities.

Back to University: How to ensure that students, faculties and employees return to campus with confidence?

For several months already, our homes have become our learning, working and living hubs to comply with the physical distancing regulations imposed by the various governments. The working transition for higher education institutions has not been easy with students and teachers having to adapt to e-learning.

Several scenarios are currently being evaluated by various universities around the world. A debate between returning to face-to-face education or continuing online learning is discussed. This has raised many questions among officials in universities and colleges. How can indoor mapping and navigation be a real asset for university campuses in the midst of a Pandemic?

• Know your university welcome capacity

While the use of physical space was once defined for specific purposes, it is now possible to maximise the use of those spaces in brand new ways. This existing under-utilised space could be rearranged to create additional learning and safe working environments. By setting up an interactive map for your college or university, it will be easy to define: the total capacity of your building; the maximum capacity of your library, lecture halls and cafeterias; an appropriate campus layout with suitable itineraries to optimise traffic flow.

• Give prior access to the university plan

It is important to make the university map available prior to the arrival of each individual so as to reassure them and avoid any unnecessary contact. With Buzzstreets navigation App, it is possible to enables them to: go straight to their assigned desk; find a meeting room in advance; locate hydro-alcoholic gel and protective masks. All of this empowers teachers and students and gives them confidence for a great back-to-school experience.

• Offer a contactless interactive map via mobile App to your students

In a post-lockdown context, interactive indoor maps offer many possibilities for universities. Students and visitors can find their own way via a dedicated app. Our mobile application can easily be downloaded on the AppStore or on the Play Store and helps reduce unnecessary human contact. Users will be safely led to their destination thanks to personalised itineraries.

• Integrate your university map and navigation system with any other system or application

For a more complete university experience, you can integrate your indoor navigation solution with different systems and university campus applications.

Easy and efficient Hospital navigation

Hospitals are not only large – they also offer miles and miles of nearly identical halls and corridors. It’s easy to get lost, and many have to ask for directions to find the place they’re looking for. This can be an issue in times of a pandemic where close contact can cause a risk of virus spreading. But while we can’t eliminate all close contact at a hospital, it’s possible to eliminate all unnecessary close face-to-face contact.


With indoor navigation, users can safely and efficiently be led to their next destination, without having to ask for directions or getting in contact with staff or other patients. But it’s not only patients and visitors who can benefit from indoor navigation. In cases of emergencies, staff will have to move quickly. However, in a large hospital, it can be difficult to decipher the quickest route, and doctors and staff might spend unnecessary and critical time taking a longer route.

By adding points of interest to the map, hospital staff can likewise use it to get a clear overview of where to find for example masks, face shields, and protective suits.
Indoor navigation allows hospital management to optimise and enhance the route planning for all staff members. Additionally, with the use of profile-based routing, it’s possible to decide which users get access to certain routes. In venues like a hospital, there are areas that only staff is allowed into. With profile-based routing, staff will be able to be led through these areas as shortcuts to get to their destination faster, while patients and visitors will be guided around them.

In the blog post below, we offer more information about how Buzzstreets solution can be beneficial for hospitals.

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Back to the office

For several months already, the world of work has been forced to reinvent itself to allow employees to work from home. Employees have begun returning to work in their office buildings but to a very different workplace.

How will you guarantee that your employees and visitors won’t risk anything when they arrive in your premises? With an indoor navigation solution, you can get your office ready and adapted to post-COVID times.
Back to the officeThe new regulation requires all workplaces to maintain a minimum distance between each employee’s workspace. This means that not all employees and staff will be able to return to the office at the same time.

In order to protect your most crucial assets – your employees – provide them with the possibility to view the new office layout and latest regulations – all this in advance. Sharing the URL/QR Code of your building’s navigation app enables your staff to easily figure out the exact route they need to take.

In every office, there are a lot of IoT integrations implemented to make your workday easier and more efficient. Room availability and booking, parking availability, climate control – the list goes on. For a more complete interactive office experience, you can integrate our indoor navigation solution with different systems and office building applications

Social distancing also matters when moving around and avoiding too much contact with other people. With BuzzStreets, it’s possible to implement one-way traffic and safely navigate employees and visitors around the office. People flow can further be used to identify areas that have been visited a lot and thus need a more thorough cleaning.

Back to the stadium

With the capability to welcome tens of thousands of guests, stadiums have suffered during a year of social distancing and restrictions on gatherings. Hopefully, 2021 will be the year where we once again can start visiting stadiums like we would before the pandemic. But how can facility management ensure a safe return to the stadiums?

Once you’ve been accredited as a safer venue, it’s important to adhere to all the measures laid out in the accreditation, and to make sure your venue is fully equipped to run safer events.

By adding integrations to your indoor navigation solution, a series of various benefits will be possible. With Buzzstreets solution, you can easily block seats and update your layout, without having to change the physical layouts. In the content management system, you can customise your map to your liking, and the live and interactive map provides visitors with a clear overview of your venue. To ensure social distancing, it’s possible to use profile-based routing to keep visitors from crowding in the same areas: People seated in “block A” will only have access to areas that are restricted to people in “block B” and vice versa.

Also, our systems will make it able for visitors to order food or drinks directly via the map, and if supported by the venue, have it delivered to their seats. This would not only give the visitors more time to enjoy what they’ve come for – an additional benefit is that it could potentially minimise queues and crowds around food stalls or bars. It will be possible to show the live and current wait time at each food stall or bar, allowing the visitor to make an informed decision about whether to get up and wait in line, choose another bar, or stay put for a bit longer.

Are you interested in hearing more about how your venue can benefit from a Buzzstreets solution? We are always ready to talk to you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.