Buzzstreets is a tech start-up based out of London and focused on revolutionising the Geolocation industry. Founded by Lisbon resident Joe Fernandez in 2015, after an invitation to take part in the Cognicity Challenge held at Level39 in Canary Wharf and a detailed understanding of what Canary Wharf needed – indoor directions.

Before getting noticed by Level 39 and a resident of Lisbon, Joe hated traffic and start thinking about what can he do to about it. After a trip to his city council, he understood that he can create a platform that can in seconds, collect information and notify everybody about a disruption – a traffic management App.

How it all started?

When he arrived in Level39, Joe saw a different scenario that he hadn’t expected: “In the first few weeks we realized that there was no problem with their traffic at all, because they function independently. They have their own police; they have their own facility management and there was no traffic”. The team quickly began to doubt the usefulness of the platform for traffic in the area and realised they have to change their strategy. It is how we founded our WHY – We needed to solve a real problem for people that work and live there.

We realized that the main concern people working in the area was not finding the right place and not knowing what else they had inside the development”, explained Joe, adding that the Canary Wharf group invests heavily in signage and maps that are distributed to people on site. After the results, Buzz’s focus shifted from outdoor to indoor and realised that we are actually solving a problem that has existed at least once, for all our users.

BuzzStreets is the first app that navigates users all the way from their front door to an exact location within a building. Using real-time data and augmented reality, it enhances the journey, making it more efficient and informed. These benefits help increase footfall and inform customers in Shopping Malls, travelers in Airports, and patients and visitors in Hospitals.

If you want to find out more, here is a more detailed interview with our Founder & CEO:

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