Beacon technology has been gaining some attention from the tech world since Apple introduced its Bluetooth iBeacon devices back in 2013 and Google followed in 2015, with Eddystone.

Since then, there have been various companies that have tried (and failed) to launch into this market and understandably, because we are looking at an industry valued at $41bn dollars by 2022 (Markets and Markets, 2017).

In an industry which is always, evolving and changing, why should we care?

Well, with a beacon network, any owner of a large complex venue will be able to understand how users behave indoor so they can plan the space for a better and safer experience.

This article will lay out five key benefits of using beacon technology.

  1. Indoor wayfinding made easier

Beacons are typically installed in large venues such as hospitals, airports, shopping malls, and stadiums. They enable indoor navigation for users of those venues with an accuracy of up to 1 meter and they usually communicate with a 3rd party technology, in Buzz’s case geomagnetic fields to accurately pinpoint and track a person’s location indoors.
This can be particularly useful in an industry such as healthcare, where medical staff spends on average 4,500 hours giving directions

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2.User Analytics to understand indoor behavior

Once beacons deployed, the smartphone receives Bluetooth signals from beacons installed in the building and uses the signal strength measurement for localization and movement behavior.
Some companies (our case too) record those users analytics so owners of complex environments can understand how to adjust and optimise the specific space.
This is used in technologies for Smart Cities and it’s a powerful benefit of using beacon technology.

3. Proximity Marketing

Today, as users we rely heavily on apps and we are more open to incoming notifications, which lead to an increase in mobile content.
Imagine you will be able to receive real-time offers and discounts when you go to a shopping mall – amazing, huh? Well, because of this extremely important feature, proximity marketing technology will slowly become a must-have for Retailers and Brands.
The beacons will allow retailers to identify a specific device approaching their store and the devices can even trigger a discount code to appear on the consumer’s device, turning a browser into a buyer.

Beacon technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we navigate and save us a lot more time. As consumers, we can also enjoy more engaging, seamless, and targeted content through our devices.

By properly adopting, implementing, and managing beacon technology business can understand more about their users and ultimately offer a more personalised experience.

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