Door-to-door Navigation system

for smart venues and smart cities

We are fundraising to expand our service.


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Who Benefits


  • Seamless Outdoor to Indoor wayfinding
  • Avoid getting lost – particularly in big buildings or cities
  • Saves time and money
  • Less asking staff for directions
  • Single point of access for all venue information


  • Increase in the number of visits, customers, and sales
  • Location-based push advertising for new products, promotions and discounts
  • Customer data can be analyzed and monetized by the app in real-time
  • Enhanced user analytics help organisations deliver better services and improve efficiency
  • Check Ins and Check Outs by passengers and patients


  • Management and traffic-flow efficiency in real-time
  • Reduce pollution and other negative environmental impacts
  • More efficient budget management
  • Better user experience for the citizen
  • Showcase parts of your city with a rich history

Amazing Features

Door-to-Door navigation system and Smart Routing for Shopping Malls, Airports and Hospitals. BuzzStreets can deliver location-based messages, gather enhanced user analytics, and help you improve the experience for your visitors.

Award-winning Startup

We are a very fresh and new start-up that already won awards in Madrid Smart Lab (sponsored by Madrid City Council and Ferrovial), Cognicity Challenge (sponsored by Entiq/Canary Wharf Group/L39).

We have a prototype running and we are starting others pilots in a major British Hospitals and Airports. We are also going to do pilots with major companies from the UK, German, France, Spain, and Saudi Arabia.

Visiting Shopping Malls, Airports, and Hospitals presents people with navigation and time-management issues. A lost visitor wastes time, gets stressed if nearing an appointment time, and can feel deserted without any guidance. Even for the visitors that know where they are going, it can be difficult and frustrating planning the most effective route.

BuzzStreets is the first app that navigates users all the way from their front door to an exact location within a building. Using real-time data and augmented reality, it also enhances the journey, making it more efficient and informed. These benefits help increase footfall and inform customers in Shopping Malls, travellers in Airports, and patients and visitors in Hospitals.

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We are fundraising.

Our award-winning navigation service is attracting a lot of attention. As such, we are fundraising to rapidly expand our services and scale our business.

If you’d like to help us navigate the next stage of our journey and share in our future successes, please register your interest to invest in BuzzStreets

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